How do I log in?

Users can log in using the same details as REI Forms Live.

Will it work on my iPad/iPhone/Android/Laptop/Windows 8 device?

REI Inspect Now currently supports iPhone, iPad (iOS 5 and greater) and Android devices (4.0.3 and greater).

Can I take photos?

Yes, photos can be taken and attached to the form using the Inspection app.

How will my photos get attached?

Once you have synced your photos, they will appear at the end of the form when it is downloaded. Photos are also visible separately below the "download" button when viewing a shared form.

Use the sync button

Why aren't my photos appearing in REI Forms Live?

By default, photos taken in REI Inspect Now will be saved to the device and will need to be synced to REI Forms Live manually, this can be changed in the "settings" screen .

Forms which have unsynced photos are indicated on the "reports" screen of REI Inspect Now (see overview).


What does automatic sync mean?

Automatic sync means that a photo will be synced automatically when it is taken. This setting is turned off by default to save user's data allowance.

Will photos use my 4G data?

Photos will not use 4G data if "Automatically Sync Photos" turned off on the settings screen (see overview).

Can I sync photos later?

Photos can be synced at any time, use the sync button .

Can I create an ingoing condition report from an outgoing and vice versa?

Yes, you have the ability to create a new form from a previously created form by selecting the "from form" option when creating a new form and selecting the finalised form to create from.

Can I use REI Inspect Now offline?

REI Inspect Now currently requires an active internet connection.

What does create from form mean?

A new form can be partially pre-filled using information from a finalised form. Create from form allows the user to select their finalised form which to take the information from.

Where are my photos stored?

Unsynced photos are stored on the device, synced photos are stored in REI Forms Live.

How many photos can I take?

We recommend between 100-200 photos.

Can I change the number of rooms for a report?

Currently, the number of rooms and layout is restricted to the REI Forms Live condition report format.

Can someone create a report for me in the office?

As REI Inspect Now is linked to your REI Forms Live account, someone in your office is able to start creating your form and once they save it you will be able to access this newly created form via the app. Live, quick and easy!

How do I log out?

A user can log out from the reports list screen by using the log out button .